Photo 5
Photo 4Matheson Hammock Pavilion beautifully remodeled to house the Red Fish Grill
Photo 3Matheson Hammock Pavilion, 1940s, now the Red Fish Grill
Postcard 2Historic postcard of Matheson Hammock Beach and Pavilion
Postcard 1Historic postcard of Matheson Hammock Beach
Photo 2Matheson Hammock Beach, 1940s
Photo 11940s view from Matheson Hammock Pavilion, now the Red Fish Grill

It’s a slice of Florida that disappeared long ago in most parts of Miami... The Miami Herald


Red Fish Grill is housed in what was originally the Matheson Hammock beach pavilion, a throwback to Miami's bygone era of post-war leisure and sophistication.

"Whether dining outside under the palms at the edge of Biscayne Bay or in the historic old stone dining room, this restaurant is like nowhere else."
Guest Informant